Student Driver Magnet


Reflective Student Driver Magnet – Tifanso magnetic student driver signs are made from magnet and reflective material which can provide and ensure the highest visibility at night. The new driver sign is noticeable in daylight especially at dusk and night, making it a great way to protect your driver during night driving.

Easy to Read – “PLEASE BE PATIENT STUDENT DRIVER” signs go with black and red large text, bright yellow bottom, which is highly visible to other drivers from the trunk or car sides even a distance. Our student driver signs will help inform other drivers in your vehicle’s proximity that you are still a bit inexperienced.

Long Lasting Usage – The high quality learner driver magnet stickers perfectly withstand any weather conditions of each season. It will not fade under sun or rain. Strong magnets can stick firmly on the car, even in heavy rain or freezing snow. Test to last well pass the new driver stage.

Removable and Reusable – Our student driver signs can be used by parents teaching their teen driver or instructors who run student driver schools. The magnets are a perfect solution for parents using their own vehicle to teach their child to drive because you can just remove it when your lesson is over.

No Residue – Tifanso student driver magnet doesn’t left any marks or residue every time when it is removed and transferred to other vehicles. You don’t worry that it will damage your car’s finish. Store your reflective student driver stickers on a flat metal surface when not in use.



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